The Terms and Conditions of cooperation between Interleng Traducciones S.L., hereinafter the “Agency”, and the natural persons or legal entities in question, hereinafter the “Client”, with regard to the services that the Agency provides, are as follows.


1. The Agency provides the following services: general, sworn, technical and specialised translations; simultaneous, consecutive, sworn, whispered and liaison interpreting; corrections; transcriptions; desktop publishing; and any other related service.
2. The scope of the services provided by the Agency and their Terms and Conditions are specified:


1. Before proceeding with the project, hereinafter “Order”, the Agency and the Client shall agree on the price and mode of provision of the service. Moreover, the Client must provide any necessary information beforehand (such as specific terminology, instructions about the use for which the Order is intended, etc.) in order to be able to provide a proper service when carrying out the Order.
2. The Agency shall make the quote for providing the service, taking into account the requirements described by the Client, and shall send it to the Client by e-mail.
3. To accept the Order, the Client must send an e-mail to the Agency stating that they agree for the service to proceed. Natural persons or legal entities 3. To accept the Order, the Client must send an e-mail to the Agency stating that they agree for the service to proceed. Natural persons or legal entities
4. To guarantee that the service is fulfilled in accordance with the conditions agreed upon, the Client must accept the Order before 5 pm on the same day that the quote was sent. If this is not the case, the conditions of the order shall be revised and a new quote shall be sent to the Client.
5. The Agency shall proceed with the Order once the Client confirms it. If any change takes place to the service (for example, the text is updated), the Client must notify the Agency of this. Moreover, if the Client confirms the Order later than 5 pm, see point 4 of ORDERING PROCESS.


1. The delivery time shall be specified in the quote and the Agency shall ratify it once the Client has confirmed the quote.
2. The Agency shall commence the procedures to carry out the Order once the Client has confirmed the quote.
3. The Agency shall deliver the Order within the time limit established in the quote.
4. Once the Order has been delivered, the Agency shall issue an invoice or receipt so that the Client can make the payment for the service provision.
5. The Client commits to paying the agreed remuneration to the Agency within the established time limit.
6. The Client may make any observations up to 30 days after receiving the Order, and the Agency shall take the appropriate measures to resolve the objections presented by the Client.


1. Once the Client confirms the quote, the Agency shall commence the service. If the Client cancels said service they have accepted, the Agency shall apply a penalty.
1.1. For translation, desktop publishing and transcription services (excluding interpreting services):
1.1.1. The Client shall pay the Agency for the portion of the work that the Agency has completed up to the moment that the Client cancels the service.
1.1.2. For urgent projects, the Client, should they cancel the service, shall pay the full price of the Order to the Agency.
1.2. For interpreting services:
1.2.1. The Client shall pay a penalty of 50% of the Order amount if it is cancelled before the date of the interpreting service (unless it is cancelled 2 days or fewer before the day of the interpreting service).
1.2.2. The Client shall pay a penalty of 100% of the Order amount if they cancel 2 days or fewer before the date of the interpreting service.
2. The Client must inform the Agency of any decision which may affect the performance of the service (for example, a change in speaker). It is strictly prohibited for the Client to come to any kind of agreement with third parties, in particular with the Agency’s interpreters.
3. Should the Client violate the prohibition in Clause 2 of the CANCELLATION, EXCLUSIVITY, RESPONSIBILITY section, the Client must pay a penalty of 50% of the remuneration agreed for providing the service.


1. The Agency shall be considered to have provided a good service if:
1.1. The Order has been completed properly.
1.2. The Order has been delivered within the stipulated time limit promised, or with a reasonable minimum delay.
2. The Agency shall be considered not to have provided a good service if:
2.1. The Order has not been completed.
2.2. The Order has been delivered after the stipulated time limit.
3. If the Client proves that the Agency has not provided a good service (see Clause 2 of PERFORMANCE, NON-PERFORMANCE AND IMPROPER PERFORMANCE OF SERVICE), the Agency must correct the Order immediately and inform the Client of the delivery time, within the time limit agreed upon with the Client.
4. If the Client decides to make an “Urgent” Order, they should be aware that the Order will be carried out by different providers simultaneously, and that this may affect the coherence and terminology of the Order.
5. It is solely the Client’s responsibility to supply the Agency with the terminology that they wish to use. If the Client does not provide any, the translation will use the most common terminology according to the type of text.
6. The Agency shall not be liable for a lack of proofreading nor for possible errors in a text intended for publication if:
6.1. The Client does not inform the Agency of the purpose of the text.
6.2. Interleng shall be exempt from all liability concerning any modification or addition by the Client to a translation carried out by Interleng, and of the cost thereof in terms of publication in books, journals, catalogues, videos, audios, printing, etc. The Client shall bear sole liability for publication in the media and for the cost thereof in the event of any changes, whatever they may be, or modifications. Once the Client has obtained the translation, they can contact us if they have any queries, always before the translation is published.
7. In the event of force majeure, such as strike, blockade, computing system failure, electrical failure, terrorist attack, epidemic or infectious disease, which prevents the Order from being performed, the Agency shall not be held responsible for the non-performance of the service and shall notify the Client immediately to inform them of the estimated date on which they will receive the Order.


1. The Client has up to a maximum of 30 days, once they have received the Order, to make any claim to the Agency. If the Client does not inform the Agency, it shall be understood that no incident has arisen.
2. As laid out in current consumer law, if the Client does not notify the Agency within the period agreed upon in Clause 1 of CLAIMS, the claim shall not be valid.
3. In the event of a claim, the Client must contact the Agency by telephone or e-mail and describe the possible defects in the translation. For an Interpreting service, the Client must provide the Agency with a video or audio recording of the service.
4. The Agency shall respond to the claim as soon as possible, and in any case shall reply to the Client within 5 working days at the latest, counting from receipt of the claim as explained in Clause 1 of CLAIMS.
5. In the event that the Agency and the Client do not come to an agreement about the defects in the Order, which are mentioned in the Clauses of PERFORMANCE, NON-PERFORMANCE AND IMPROPER PERFORMANCE OF SERVICE, an independent sworn translator shall be hired. Should there be any initial payment to be made, this shall be assumed by the Client. The party in the wrong shall bear the costs of this service.
6. As specified in Clause 5 of CLAIMS, the cost of the mediation service shall be paid by the party determined to be in the wrong.


1. Except for material in the public domain (press articles, internet posts, legal acts in the public domain, etc.), any document or material provided by the Client to the Agency, as well as the interpretations offered by the Agency, shall be completely confidential. The Agency certifies that the employees and providers involved in the Order have signed a confidentiality clause with the Agency concerning all and any of the Client’s information.
2. If the Client wishes, the Agency can provide an additional document which states the obligation to maintain confidentiality.


1. At time of accepting the Order, the Client also accepts the Agency’s Terms and Conditions.
2. For matters not regulated by these Terms and Conditions, the current legislation shall apply.
3. It shall be the Client’s responsibility to inform the Agency so that it can unsubscribe a user who no longer works for the Client from MyInterleng.
4. When information is copied from Interleng’s "MyBlog” blog, it is obligatory to cite the Agency.
5. When an agreement is not reached, any possible disputes between the Client and the Agency shall be resolved in the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona, Spain.
6. These Terms and Conditions are valid as of 10 September 2015.